The choice of raw materials

A wide selection of wax available to suit your choice of perfume

The choice of raw materials determines the quality of candles, in terms of smoke, combustion, soot emission and flame height. We can offer formulations on mineral, mixed or 100% vegetable or vegan bases.

Mineral Wax: we select high quality food safe paraffin, that are sulphur, benzene and toluene free, in compliance with The European Pharmacopoeia.   This enables us to offer wax formulations with various characteristics, that meet your brief -hard or soft wax, heat resistance, transportability. -whilst guaranteeing optimum combustion and diffusion of perfume.

Vegetable Wax: our formulations are mainly based on rapeseed oil of European Origin.

Mineral wax (benzene-free) and our 100% vegetable wax (100% natural and GMO free): we are familiar with the characteristics of waxes, so we can advise you on the wax that will best meet your requirements.


Perfume at heart

Perfume from Grasse, the world capital of Perfume

Our partnership, developed with perfumers and “noses” in Grasse for almost half a century, puts the olfactive quality at the heart of our products.


The excellence of french know how

100% french production

In 2018, we received the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant reward – a recognition by the French State of companies for the excellence of their traditional and industrial know-how.


Trust us with your project


responsiveness and flexibility

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