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Customised support for each project

Whether we manufacture candles for marketing purpose or for retail, we give the same level of care and attention to the products and the partnership we develop with our clients.

We promote a trusting working environment, with open exchanges, as we fully understand the financial and above all strategic commitments made by the brands, who trust us with their names.


Complying with international standards

Labelling and regulations

We combine modern technology with our ancestral expertise to create high quality candles that fully comply with international standards.

We are a very active member of our industry and we also belong to the technical committee, on both French and European levels (TC 369). This organisation sets out the standards applicable to candles (EN15426/EN15493/EN15494), particularly in terms of soot level, fire safety and safety labelling.

This enable us to advise our clients on product labelling and provide support on CLP regulation related to perfumes.


Control and traceability

Tests and routine checks

Each of our production is subject to rigorous quality controls and can be traced throughout the manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished products. 

To guarantee an optimal level of safety, our candles are tested about; base and perfume miscibility, combustion, no soot emission and flame height, both at prior and post production.

In addition, spot quality control checks are carried out, from fill through to packaging stages, to identify any possible production faults that could arise during manufacturing.

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100% made in France

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