Candlemaker since 1902 and subsidiary of the DEVINEAU GROUP,
BOUGIES LA FRANÇAISE is a family business, that is today the leading candle maker in France, employing over 400 people.

The PRIVATE LABEL department was created over 15 years ago.
We can support you, through the development and manufacturing of high quality, custom made candles, 100% made in France, using a wide range of bases including mineral, vegetable or vegan. We can also support the development of room spray and perfume diffusers, with either alcohol or non alcoholic base

Our clients are prestigious brands in Perfumery or renowned retail stores, located worldwide, specialised in homeware, fashion, cosmetics as well as more niche brands.


Recognised Quality

Our selection of raw materials, our specific formulations developed in our laboratories, our expertise in international standards enable us to develop for you candles of perfect quality.

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Expert Know How

With over 100 of manufacturing history, our expertise has been recognised by receiving the LABEL ENTREPRISE DU PATRIMOINE VIVANT, (Company with Living Heritage)

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Bespoke Candles !

Whether a full service or a limited support for specific part of the manufacturing process is needed, we can offer a bespoke partnership. We can work from either a blank canvas, your trend books, a specific brief for a required shape, style, weight or budget or from a complete and fully detailed brief.

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Industrial Equipement

Thank to our investments in industrial machinery, we can offer a great flexibility in production with capacity to adapt to your project, as we can meet requirements for 1000 units to several millions.

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Socially Responsible

Expertise and socially responsible manufacturing are core values for BLF and we value very highly our partnerships with local businesses.

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